28 April 2010

Orange Flavour Cupcake

Cupcake untuk bekal anak ke sekolah. Besides that I gave these cakes to my customer who ordered fruit tarts last week as a replacement because I received a comment that the tart shell became soft when she took home. I put strawberry, grapes and peach. Is it due to the fruits that is too juicy or something else? Can anaybody please help me. Please give your comment.

Permintaan Anak-Anak

This is requested by my children. So to finish off the stock I had, so
aku layan sajalah..

22 April 2010

Blueberry Cheese Tart/Fruit & Egg Tart

Repeat order from a friend in Finance Division and first order from her cousin. 70 pcs altogether.
Hope they like it. Anyway thank you very much for the support.

18 April 2010

Ok dah siap pun. Kali ni anak-anak minta nak rasa flvour orange pula. So aku layan sajalah.

Cream Puff

Ni projek hari Ahad. Anak-anak nak bekal cream puff ke sekolah.

15 April 2010

Strawbery & Orange Tart

Cheese tart ni tempahan pada 9 April lalu dari kawan di Finance Division untuk makan-makan di division dan juga untuk anak saudara yang berada di Sri Iskandar (Tronoh).

Few designs that I managed to decorate for my cupcake. I'm happy because my customer was satisfied with the output. Anyway thanks for your support.

14 April 2010

Tempahan Pertama

Tempahan pertama yang diterima dari member ofis untuk birthday anaknya pada 6 Mac 2010 yang berada di MRSM Merbok. Ni gambar kek yang sedang naik dari oven comel ku.